No, you won't quack like a duck.

It’s all about context and expectation. When people go to a stage show, they EXPECT to watch and be a part of a fun, silly experience. 

When you work with Anthony, the expectation is that you are going to experience life-changing mindset shifts that help you take back control of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. 

Here, we do things differently.

Hypnosis is a consensual, non-volitional experience.

Hypnosis can simply be described as a state of heightened suggestibility where, in a collaborative effort, the practitioner and client create a non-volitional experience to modify behaviors, thought patterns, feelings, and emotions. When someone is in hypnosis, they are highly focused and able to accept suggestion more easily.

There are many techniques and methods used to induce a state of hypnosis. Your mindset coach and board certified hypnotist, Anthony Serino utilizes the most current and science-backed techniques in order to ensure effective and efficient use of your time.

There are countless benefits to using hypnosis and capitalizing on the power of suggestion. Hypnosis is often used to reduce stress and anxiety, control chronic pain, and facilitate powerful behavioral changes. 

Using hypnosis and hypnotherapy, therapists and coaches guide clients into a trance-like state where the mind is more open to transformative suggestions. The process is very much similar to guided meditation and visualization; however, the hypnotic process is tailored specifically to your needs and is much more effective when creating change at a neurological level.



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Results may vary from person to person. We guarantee the very best service using current information and appropriate hypnotic techniques for your situation. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are not meant to diagnose or treat any disease, but rather it is intended to provide information, education, and motivation that will help you live to your best potential and guide you toward being more effective in helping yourself.

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